•  Laser Focus*
  •  Mega Pumps*
  •  Stim Free*
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Need some awesome pumps, energy, and focus without the stims?

Life is unpredictable and sometimes between our friends/family, loved ones and work, our daily routine gets interrupted. It sucks when you can finally workout after a day full of stressors, but you only have a stim pre-workout. It also sucks when you have to skip your morning workout because work needs you in earlier or you just weren’t feeling it that morning. These stim pre-workouts are amazing however, they may interfere with your sleep schedule. This pre-workout was formulated to keep you pumped at the gym, enhance your performance and not keep you up at night.


SICARIO is the perfect stim pre-workout replacement.

SICARIO “HITTER” PUMP PRE-WORKOUT will provide you an insane mind-muscle connection, focus, enhance performance and an insane skin-tearing pump.  This is a strong pump and nootropic pre-workout that will provide you with a workout powdered by laser focus and intense blood flow. SICARIO increases your pump through 7 different mechanisms and keeps you focused with 4 synergistic nootropic ingredients.


SICARIO is a perfect product to stack with your stim pre-workout.

SICARIO uses a 1-2 scoop system, perfect for stacking with a stim pre-workout (like EL JEFE). Many stim pre-workouts have pump inducing ingredients however, they are typically an afterthought or are sub-par. You can add 1 scoop to enhance your pump or even 2 scoops if you want the craziest pump with you stim pre-workout.

What you can expect with SICARIO:

  • Skin-Ripping Pumps
  • Maximal Strength & Endurance
  • Insane Mind-Muscle Connection
  • Hyper Focus
  • 100% STIM FREE
  • Stackable with our EL JEFE 
  • 3 Patented Ingredients 

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